How can I get a quote?

Contact us with all the relevant information relating to your quote enquiry, & one of our sales staff will respond swiftly with all possible relating costs.

Can ANJ organise cartage?

Yes, we can provide your transport requirements.

What if we already have a carrier?

No problem, you have no obligation to use ANJ as the carrier, however subject to notification it may delay the job by a couple of hours.

Can you have cargo inspected that has been unpacked from an FAK?

Yes, it’s as simple as calling our office to organize & forwarding relevant Biosecurity documents to us & we will arrange the inspection asap & advise the client accordingly immediately after the inspection is complete.

Do we need an account set up to have any work done at ANJ?

No, we can process any job on a COD basis, however it is more suitable to set an account up as a COD customer, even if it’s one job here & there.

How long before my container is unpacked?

Depending on how much notice we receive prior to container arriving, we generally unpack same day if not the next, subject to correct info being provided to us. (ie, Biosecurity paperwork, packing list etc)

Are you a manned depot with DAWR officers on site?

Yes, we have been a manned DAWR 1.1 depot since 1995, the hours for DAWR is currently 07.00am to 15.30pm, however in busy periods we can arrange DAWR to be here until 18.00pm with relevant notice (additional charges apply).

Do you have a wash bay?

Yes, we have a wash bay that can handle most types of machinery, we have an expert team to ensure all steam cleaning is carried in a swift & efficient manner.

How often do you fumigate?

We fumigate daily Monday – Thursday and Friday on request.

How long do I have to collect cargo once it’s unpacked or released?

We give the standard 3 free days storage.

How long do I have to collect the empty container after it’s been unpacked?

We give 3 days free storage, storage charges accumulate from 00.01am on the 4th day.

What are your opening hours?

DAWR Inspections, Tailgates etc
Monday to Friday 07.00am-2.30pm

LCL Pick-ups
Monday to Friday 24 Hours
Saturday 12am – 12pm

FCL drop off & collection
Monday to Friday 24 Hours
Saturday 12am – 12pm

Frequently Used Terminology

FAK Freight of all Kind
FCX One consignee, multiple consignors
FCL Full Container Load
LCL Less than Container Load
CBM Cubic Metre(s)
DAWR Department of Agriculture and Water Resources / Biosecurity
DO Delivery Order
EDO Electronic Delivery Order
COD Cash On Delivery
LOA Letter of Authority to treat goods as per DAWR directions
Lo/Lo Lift off, Lift on of container at ANJ
Kg Kilograms
Free Cargo Cargo that is clear from ABF & DAWR
Underbond Cargo Cargo that is still “Held” by ABF, but can be move under the control of ABF from one location to another
Biosecurity Held Cargo Cargo that is still “Held” by DAWR
Time Slot For every container coming or going to the wharf, a time slot is required
Demurrage Waiting time at the wharf & or empty container park. When an empty container has not been returned to the shipping company in the required time
Commercial Hold Where goods may be ABF & DAWR cleared, but are held awaiting payment to ANJ & or on behalf of our client
ANJ Container Services